Friday, July 29, 2011

Adjustable Backpack Strap Tutorial

For the backpack, I used the Let's Go! Backpack Tutorial at SewMamaSew.

Fabric: 2- 14"x3.5" rectangles (original long straps)
Medium weight interfacing: 2: 13.5"x3"
2 - 1" slide adjusters
A lighter (for melting the ends of the belting)
2 yds of polyester belting
       Cut 2 - 20" lengths of belting (for original short straps)
       Cut 2 - 4.5" lengths of belting for slide adjuster loops

For the Fabric Straps (originally the "long" straps in this tutorial)

Fuse medium weight interfacing to both of the 14"x3.5" strips
Fold the 14"x3.5" strips of fabric in half, lengthwise, with right sides facing
Sew along the long edge w/ 1/4" seam allowance
Flip the straps right side out & press
Top stitch along each long side

I followed all of the directions from the original tutorial, except I didn't add the slide adjusters until I was ready to work on the straps (when I was done with everything else).  I replaced the original "short" straps with my 20" belting straps:

Fold under the end of each fabric strap a 1/4", then baste (I basted the straps by hand)

Fold the end under again 1/4", insert 4.5" belting strip & baste

Pull the 4.5" belting strap down
Thread through the slide adjuster up & back through

Place the end of the belting underneath the fabric strap, forming a loop.  Baste, then sew:

Slide the 20" belting strap up through and then down through the bottom of the slide adjuster.
Add tabs to the ends so the straps don't slide out of the slide adjusters:

Please feel free to leave comments if you have questions, etc.  I'm still new at writing tutorials, so I hope this one makes sense! : )

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