Friday, July 29, 2011

Envelope Pocket Tutorial

I made the backpack using the Let's Go! Backpack Tutorial.


Fabric for pocket: 1 - 8.5"x12"
Fabric for flap: 2 pcs cut like this:

Fusible Fleece/Heavyweight Fusible Interfacing:
For Pocket: 1 pc - 8"x5.5"
For Flap: 1 pc cut like this:

1 magnetic snap & My Magnetic Snap Tutorial

For the pocket:

Fold the pocket piece in half with right sides facing
Press, then fuse fleece to half of wrong side.
Sew along both short sides, leave the bottom open.
Clip corners and turn
Topstitch across the top of the pocket

For the envelope flap:
Fuse fleece to wrong side of the piece of fabric that will be on the inside of the flap.  (Mine is orange)

Place fabric together, right sides facing
Sew along all sides - leave a gap at the top for turning
Clip corners, turn
Measure to the center (the point) of the envelope flap, mark
           *make sure it lines up with the center of the pocket*
Then measure 1" up from the point, mark
Insert male half of magnetic snap
Hand sew opening at top: I used this tutorial @

The side of the pocket w/ the fleece fused to it will be the front
Measure to center of the pocket, mark
Measure down 1" mark
Match up the snap on the envelope flap to this mark
    *make sure the envelope flap overlaps the pocket, so you can sew it to the bag*
Insert female half of snap into pocket

How to sew envelope flap to bag:

Sew the pocket onto the front of the bag
Snap envelope flap to pocket                                                     
Pin the flap to the front of the bag, and sew

Now you should have this:

Please feel free to leave comments if you have any questions, etc.  I'm really new at writing tutorials and I hope that this one makes sense! : )

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