Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Craftiness for Lily

I have 15 weeks until Lily is due to arrive.  It just doesn't seem like enough time to do everything that I want to do, so I've been in overdrive craft mode the past couple of weeks and I'm hoping that I can keep it up for the rest of my pregnancy.'s what I made this week:
 the front

I made this dress using the same pattern as the romper, Simplicity 2459 View B.  I really love how this dress turned out - it is Donovan's favorite of all of the things I have made so far for Lily.  Notice the acorn buttons on the straps?  I got them on clearance @ Jo Ann for 50 cents!    

the back
I also made matching shoes, using Simplicity 2471 View B.
AND a matching hat using this crochet pattern and Caron Simply Soft in Pistachio.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hat!  I'm planning on making her several more in different colors.

I also made matching bibs - coordinating between the romper and the dress, each one will go with either outfit.  This was my first time making bibs and I used an old hand towel for the absorbent part in the middle, but I think from now on I will use something a little thinner like a cloth diaper.  This was also my first time applying snaps (Donovan usually does it for me, but he wasn't home) and OF COURSE I couldn't find the hammer, so I used a heavy wrench!! It worked just fine. ; )

I originally bought 2 yards of each fabric.
(Can't you tell I really like it?)  After making
everything, I had a little over a yard of each
left, so I made a blanket.  I used Wrights
Satin Binding ($7.50 @ Jo Ann - Walmart has it for $3.88, but they didn't have hot pink)  I used this tutorial to apply the binding.  Wrights has a tutorial on their website, but the instructions aren't very clear and the pictures are hard to see.  

I made the white hat using this crochet pattern and a chunky Bernat (I lost the label).  Next time I make it, I'd like to use a bulkier yarn so it will look more like the hat in the pattern. 

I made the hot pink hat using this crochet pattern and Peaches&Creme cotton.  It was supposed to be a sz.0-3m so she could wear it with the purple romper, but I think it is closer to a  newborn size. Oh well, that's what I get for not measuring gauge. 
and FINALLY, my favorite project of the week:
A Minnie Mouse hat!!!  I crocheted it using this pattern and cotton yarn.  I love how this pattern tells you to do the bow, it makes it look just like the bow that Minnie Mouse wears.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Recent Projects

I've been busy getting ready for Lily.  This is what I've been working on lately:

A changing pad to match her diaper bag:
the back

the front

This is the first time I've ever made clothes and it's only the second time I've used a commercial pattern.  I used Simplicity 2459 View D - Romper in X-Small (which is supposed to be 0-3 months or 7-13lbs).  The fabric is a lightweight corduroy and I did all of the buttonholes by hand because I haven't figured out how to use the buttonhole foot on my machine.  
the front
The creme showing in the back of the romper is the snap tape.  I didn't really like using it, and it was expensive - 17" for $6, which wouldn't be enough for a larger size.  I think next time I'll try to use individual snaps. 
the back
I made these shoes yesterday to match the romper, using Simplicity 2471 View A.  One of them turned out kind of wonky, but I don't think anyone will notice once they are on her little toes.   

I crocheted the headband today using this tutorial at Prudentbaby and hot pink cotton yarn.  I'm thinking it will be a lot cuter on Lily since she won't have Albert Einstein hair (I hope ;)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lily's Room

It's not finished yet, obviously.  But I just couldn't wait any longer to show off Lily's room! 

Charlie dancing on my Great Grandmother's chair

Donovan built the shelf and painted it this past week while he was off.  I can't wait to finish decorating!!
Charlie's room is painted and has a shelf as well, but its kind of a mess right now.  Once I get the books organized I'll post pictures of his room too.  : )

Friday, July 29, 2011

Adjustable Backpack Strap Tutorial

For the backpack, I used the Let's Go! Backpack Tutorial at SewMamaSew.

Fabric: 2- 14"x3.5" rectangles (original long straps)
Medium weight interfacing: 2: 13.5"x3"
2 - 1" slide adjusters
A lighter (for melting the ends of the belting)
2 yds of polyester belting
       Cut 2 - 20" lengths of belting (for original short straps)
       Cut 2 - 4.5" lengths of belting for slide adjuster loops

For the Fabric Straps (originally the "long" straps in this tutorial)

Fuse medium weight interfacing to both of the 14"x3.5" strips
Fold the 14"x3.5" strips of fabric in half, lengthwise, with right sides facing
Sew along the long edge w/ 1/4" seam allowance
Flip the straps right side out & press
Top stitch along each long side

I followed all of the directions from the original tutorial, except I didn't add the slide adjusters until I was ready to work on the straps (when I was done with everything else).  I replaced the original "short" straps with my 20" belting straps:

Fold under the end of each fabric strap a 1/4", then baste (I basted the straps by hand)

Fold the end under again 1/4", insert 4.5" belting strip & baste

Pull the 4.5" belting strap down
Thread through the slide adjuster up & back through

Place the end of the belting underneath the fabric strap, forming a loop.  Baste, then sew:

Slide the 20" belting strap up through and then down through the bottom of the slide adjuster.
Add tabs to the ends so the straps don't slide out of the slide adjusters:

Please feel free to leave comments if you have questions, etc.  I'm still new at writing tutorials, so I hope this one makes sense! : )

Envelope Pocket Tutorial

I made the backpack using the Let's Go! Backpack Tutorial.


Fabric for pocket: 1 - 8.5"x12"
Fabric for flap: 2 pcs cut like this:

Fusible Fleece/Heavyweight Fusible Interfacing:
For Pocket: 1 pc - 8"x5.5"
For Flap: 1 pc cut like this:

1 magnetic snap & My Magnetic Snap Tutorial

For the pocket:

Fold the pocket piece in half with right sides facing
Press, then fuse fleece to half of wrong side.
Sew along both short sides, leave the bottom open.
Clip corners and turn
Topstitch across the top of the pocket

For the envelope flap:
Fuse fleece to wrong side of the piece of fabric that will be on the inside of the flap.  (Mine is orange)

Place fabric together, right sides facing
Sew along all sides - leave a gap at the top for turning
Clip corners, turn
Measure to the center (the point) of the envelope flap, mark
           *make sure it lines up with the center of the pocket*
Then measure 1" up from the point, mark
Insert male half of magnetic snap
Hand sew opening at top: I used this tutorial @

The side of the pocket w/ the fleece fused to it will be the front
Measure to center of the pocket, mark
Measure down 1" mark
Match up the snap on the envelope flap to this mark
    *make sure the envelope flap overlaps the pocket, so you can sew it to the bag*
Insert female half of snap into pocket

How to sew envelope flap to bag:

Sew the pocket onto the front of the bag
Snap envelope flap to pocket                                                     
Pin the flap to the front of the bag, and sew

Now you should have this:

Please feel free to leave comments if you have any questions, etc.  I'm really new at writing tutorials and I hope that this one makes sense! : )

How to Insert Magnetic Snaps

I made the backpack using the Let's Go! Backpack Tutorial at SewMamaSew.

This is how I added magnetic snaps to the flap for Lily's Diaper Bag.  You can use this tutorial for adding magnetic snaps to almost anything.

Fabric for flap: 2- 7" squares
Fusible Fleece/Heavyweight Interfacing: 1 - 6.5" square
1 magnetic snap
Fuse fleece to one of the 7" squares
Place 7" squares together, right sides facing
Sew along 3 sides
Clip corners, turn


*Make sure you attach the snap to the side of the flap that has the interfacing*

Measure to the center of the flap:

And then measure up 1":

Put prongs of "male" half of snap on either side of the second mark & make 2 more marks:

Cut slits over the marks for the prongs *make sure you only cut through one side & not both!!*
Slide snap into place:

Add the back & bend prongs:

This is what it should look like:

To add the other half of the snap to the front of the bag, follow the same directions.
Follow the tutorial @ SewMamaSew
BEFORE you sew in the lining, add the other half of the snap
I went ahead and threaded the drawstring through the casing so I could pull the bag closed and figure out exactly where I wanted the flap to lay - I marked the spot on the front of the bag matched up with the snap on the flap & then added the "female" half of the snap to the front of the bag.

Please feel free to leave comments if you have questions, etc.  This is my first time writing a tutorial for others to read and I hope that it makes sense! : )

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lily's Diaper Bag

I made another backpack using the Let's Go! Backpack tutorial from SewMamaSew.  This time, it's going to be a diaper bag for Lily (I'm due in December).  I bought a pack of 7 fat quarters at Tuesday Morning about a week ago for $3.99 *SUPER good deal, by the way* and I decided they would be perfect for this project.

Just like Noah's bag, I made my own version of straps.  For this bag, I added an envelope pocket, magnetic snaps & thicker interfacing to support the weight of the snaps.  I'm going to post a series of tutorials in the next few days: 
Tutorials are up and ready!

the back
the interior of the bag